Scrambler Seequill

Like all births, Scrambler Seequill came to earth messy, wide eyed, opened up, and then just started spiraling off towards some destination that undoubtedly ends in the same strange place it all began. Coming from different worlds, Scrambler and Seequill have found a meeting place to channel their visions and voices, as two sides of the same coin. Drawing from various experiences, inspirations, and influences a certain sound and message is earnestly delivered. One foot in the past, another in the future, they straddle a wide spectrum of rock and roll, delivering a distinct style of composition with complex arrangements yet catchy art pop hooks. A swirling cascade of opposites comprise their poetically charming and mystical sound. Songs written under covers, at night and at dawn over coffee, during good years and bad years, about something, for noone and anyone who’s truly lived.

In the live setting Scrambler Seequill are supported by a masterful rhythm section comprised of two of New York City's finest. Conor Elmes plays the drums and will melt your face. Hailing from Vermont and shredding all over NYC, the states, and Europe, Mr. Elmes is a regular ninja of rhythm. Heavily informed and influenced by the great beat masters of the ages as well as Wolf, Bear, Raven and Lion spirit, Conor will definitely keep you on the move. Ari Folman Cohen is rocking, shocking and just straight dropping that bass, all day and all night. A man of many projects, and of many faces, he slips and slides in and out of a vast variety of expertise keeping us tightly wrapped up in those sweet low ends. A live Scrambler Seequill performance is always full of surprises as the band continually explores new ways to play their songs. In a scene overwrought with laptop karaoke bands, it may come as nice change of pace.

"Scrambler/Seequill pairs the moodily tuneful voice of Devin Febbroriello with Mike Gamble’s deft, jazz-inflected guitar. The Brooklyn art-pop group does a good job of balancing structure and strangeness." - Time Out NY